MEAT HUNT - 3 Day Cow Elk Hunt


Limited Availability!
Cow Elk Meat Hunts on Private Land Only.

$1,800 + State Tag Fee
(Land Owner Voucher Included)

Secure a Meat Hunting opportunity if you have not filled tags from another State.  This is also the perfect opportunity for Youth or First Time Hunters.  

Most fill their tags in the first 1 or 2 days and rarely hunt a 3rd.  Only Youth Hunters must complete the NM Hunter Safety Course, all First Time NM Adult Hunters can book.  This hunt can be done anytime 1 Oct - Dec 31 on Private Land Only.  Generally we prefer the late season.  Wear lots of warm layers, it is late season after all.

Semi-Guided - You will have a Guide Contact and the Guide will show you the property you will be hunting and boundaries.  Guides may have to show other hunters other properties and so you will only be Semi-Guided.  The Guide will be available to help field dress a downed animal (please remember to tip) and recover it.  Strongly recommended that you have a Four Wheel Drive as well.

Book these Hunts Early!

Colorado had the largest year on record of applications, New Mexico had a monster year of applications. 
With a Limited amount of these Private Land Cow Hunts Available they can tend to be spoken for quickly because some know the value & affordability of a Meat Hunt.