New Mexico Elk and Deer Combo


OCT. 23-27
OCT. 30 –Nov. 3

5 days $6,500 + State Tag Fee 
7 days $6,900 + State Tag Fee

You can make either animal your “First Priority” with the option to lengthen/overlap your hunt dates for a 7 day hunt. Since the deer license is a specific 5 day season date, we can’t change deer hunting dates.
We can validate the Elk license to either run concurrent with your deer license “for a 5 day hunt” or make the first 2 days, single species, (your choice) and the next 3 days combined and the last 2 days single species. This date flexibility is a valuable trophy hunting advantage and only possible with “Private Land Only” landowner Elk permits in North Central New Mexico.

Do not delay Booking these Hunts!