Special Pricing on New Mexico Rifle Bull or Cow Elk

These hunts give the single hunter or group the option to trophy hunt for a big bull or to take a cow for meat! We offer these hunts in an effort to provide a quality elk hunt with extra flexibility and value for the trophy and non trophy hunter.
Any 5 days - Hunter's Choice
December 4-31

Either Sex Elk Permit

$3,900 + State Tag Fee
$1,500 Kill Fee on Bull elk.
"No Kill Fee on Cow Elk"

Any 5 days - Hunter's Choice
December 4-31
Antlerless Elk Permit ONLY
$1,800 + State Tag Fee

Ask about Special FIRST Time Pricing for a Youth Hunter*, A Female Hunter, A Veteran, or anyone who has Never Taken an Elk before on a limited first come, first serve basis.  This applies to Antlerless Elk Permits ONLY.

(Youth Hunters in NM must complete the required Hunter's Safety Course. Adults Hunting in NM (over 18) are not required to have passed a State Hunter's Safety Course.  We would ask that you arrive one day early and Meet your Guide to cover the Safety Rules for the Properties to be hunted)